United By A Common Goal

A Fair California

  •  I’ll fight for those living below the poverty level, for the homeless, and to improve the lives of the seniors who have to choose between buying medicine, food or housing. 
  • I’ll sponsor legislation for a transitional program for 18 year olds removed from the foster care system with no prospects for income or housing. 
  • I’ll work across the aisle to demand through legislation equal pay for anyone qualified and performing the same duties. I support Unions, workplace safety, family-friendly workplaces and increased employment opportunities.
  • I will advocate for Universal Healthcare for all Californians regardless of their socioeconomic background. 
  • I believe in an equal rights society for all Californians, no matter their race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.
  • Regardless of a child’s socioeconomic environment, I’ll see to expanded access to childcare and improving our public education (curriculum and student safety, as well as supplies and improving teacher pay).