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Deni Antionette Mazingo

DeniAntionette Mazingo, for AD 42

Believe in me to help create legislature for a transition program for children who have reached 18 years of age and have been living in foster care then are removed with no-place to go!  

Help me wipe-out the glass ceiling by creating an equitable pay system for both women and men who work the same job and deserve equal pay!  

For all the seniors who must choose between food, medicine or housing, let’s work together to protect them from having to walk away with nothing after working so hard to help their partnership succeed! 

I believe in Single Payer Medical Coverage! 

Help me work for fairness of treating all persons the same and let’s protect their rights to the same benefits no matter of their sexual preference. 

Help me to stop the offensive bullying of our children by creating a strong legislative program. I believe we must help the children become leaders able to compete internationally As all are entitled to the same level of education nationally! 

Let’s ride The Blue Wave together by voting for me, by endorsing me, and through your support so that others know we are united and we will fight for our voices to be heard.  I am the candidate endorsed by the Party! State Assembly

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The Platform

Serving The Community

Deni has been a part of this community since 2012. She's always been an advocate working on behalf of women's issues. 

United By A Common Goal

Deni believes that we all need to assist in lifting up those who are not as fortunate as we are.  Therefore, she must use the God-given talent she's been blessed with for the betterment of the lives of others. 

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Deni's a leader - yet she does it all with love, compassion and a smile. However, she can't win without your help!  


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